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Ian O'Brien

I have an existing application that is running the S5-135U CPU and CP525. The current printer has malfunctioned and we are unable to purchase another.

I'm looking for recommendations from users who have other printers that work. I have tried 2 printers on my own and have had no luck.

I've called Siemens and they can only recommend a Siemens printer. In addition the tech told me that the printer must support emulation. ECMA 9011 & 9014 are the emulation numbers?

Printer criteria:

dot matrix or thermal
continious feed
no cutter
The following settings adjustable:
*baud rate
*# of data bits
*# of stop bits.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

We use Epson Dot matrix printer with Serial interface card Hyundai (HIF-91S).
Probably you have to verify the baud rate, bits,
stop, configured in your aplication (COM 525).

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Good luck

Omar Gonzalez