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Does anyone know if it is possible to remote program to a S5 Network where each PLC has a CP1430TF card? The S5 PLCs communicate with each other and a SCADA PC. We would like to connect this network to the rest of our Factory PLC Network so that we can remote program from our office.
We were wondering whether there is anything 'out there' that could help us communicate between the TCP/IP networks and the S5 ISO network?

Thank in advance
It depends. What S5 CPU are you using? The 155 family is the only one that supports communications through the back plane. On the 135 family, you have to use what they call a "monkey swing" cable to connect between the CP and the CPU programming ports. I have nine 135 PLC's linked together that I can communicate with, but if the PG port on the CPU is being used for the remote programming, you cannot program locally at the same time. Makes cumbersome when plugging and unplugging cables. Apparently all that is avoided with the 155 family. The connection link is slow. It can be a problem if watching live logic. That’s the experience that I have.
Hi, we have 2x135 CPU on the same rack and have the monkey swing cable plugged into the coordinator card, so we are able to monitor/modify the S5 programs over ethernet whilst on the same subnet as the PLCS. The problem is when we try to monitor from another subnet.

I thought maybe we could try going over a VPN which will give me an IP address on the same subnet as the PLCs but I can't get this to work either. I think the problem is that the MAC addresses of the PLCs aren't being forwarded?
I’ve never tried to access through another subnet before. I looked at the bus path programming and didn’t see an option to set it up that way. Not saying it isn’t possible, but you may need to contact Siemens to get it worked out. I think the hot line number is +1 423 262 2522. If not, I’m sure they can direct you to the correct person. Good luck.


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If you have a PC on the subnet with the PLCs you want monitor you can simply use remote desktop sharing to that PC from a different subnet or VPN tunnel e.g. Netmeeting desktop share.
Are you have CP1430TF manual in pdf form? Is there any interface that can convert S5 w/ CP1430TF data into Modbus protocol?