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Stephen Mogford

I would like to connect Siemens S5 135U PLC to a network of Klockner Moeller PS3 Slave units.
Does anyone know if it is possible to connect S5 to SuConet networks? What comms card would I need?

Thanks in advance.

Steve Mogford
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Alastair Fordyce

I can't comment on the capabilities of the S5 PLC but if you can add a comms module to operate it as a Profibus DP master the one possible answer is to use a Moeller PS4-201-MM1 PLC with a LE4-504-BT1 Profibus DP slave module. The S5 communicates with the LE module via Profibus DP. The PS4-201 communicates via Suconet K1 (RS485 187.5kBaud, 600m cable length) to the PS3 PLC's. The PS4-201 can talk to a maximum of 8 slave devices (PS3's included). Normally the PS3 PLC's as masters are limited to 3 slave devices. If you have to link to a larger number of PS3's then use a PS4-341-MM1 PLC with the LE4-504-BT1 module. This can talk to 30 slave devices via Suconet.

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The Klockner Moeller PS3 communicates using a proprietary protocol, the details of which elude me for the moment. However is there are PS3 slave
there must be either a PS-316 or PS3 master depending on your specific configuration. If it is a PS316 thyen a profibus interface card is
available for it. I believe there is also a profibus interface for the S5. This option however may be quite expensive.

Alternatively Klockner Moeller did have in their range a while ago a box to interface serial devices to a PS-3 network. However I am not sure that they are still available as the PS3 is quite an old PLC.

If you can give me some more info on your actual network topology, there may be some other alternatives.

Hope this helps


Craig Smith
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Murray McKay

I am not familiar with the SuConet network, so I don't know what would be required to get an S5-135U to talk this protocol (if it is possible at all). However, if you use the Profibus gateway suggested by Mr. Fordyce, then you can use the Siemens IM308C module to make the S5-135U a Profibus DP Master.

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