S5, S7 and ABB stuff on Ethernet to talk OPC?


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Any ideas on how to connect several S5, S7, ABB Advant OCS AC450 and 800xA AC800M to a common Ethernet to communicate via OPC to a PIMS.
In total there are 5*S5-115U CPU944, 2*S7-400 CPU414-2, 2*S7-300 CPU315 2, and one of each of the ABBs. there is no network at all right now.
any hint on how to get this solved will be very appreciated.
Since you say you already have 800xA, then you are already more than half way there. If you have an 800xA system, you must have at least one HMI and one Control ethernet network (even if they don't physically extend outside a single 800xA server).

First, use the standard ABB 800xA connectivity to the AC800M and AC450 Controllers.

Next, you can install a Kepware OPC server (or similar) for your S5 and S7 devices

Finally, use either the 800xA "Generic OPC Connection" (which is included for "free" but is a bit simple) or 800xA "PLC Connect" (which has a lot more HMI functions) to connect the Siemens S5 OPC server into the 800xA system.

800xA will then integrate all the S5 and S7 PLC's and ABB controllers into a single OPC server data source for your PIMS. 800xA can also provide you with redundancy for the whole system.

You can contact us if you have specific project requirements as we have some significant project experience with precisely this application.