S7-315 and MP270


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I have a problem with a MP270 and a S7 CPU 315 installation. The problem is that I have a alarm-message which is indicated In the MP270 even if the alarm text is deleted from the "aLARM list" IN THE MP270 When I transfer the compiled program to the MP270 there is no error in transfer message displayed.

The acknowledge button on the MP270 can I configure it to stay active ones pressed or Just a flank. How do I do this.

Michael Griffin

I haven't used the MP270, but I have used other Siemens OPs, so I will take a shot at this one. I assume you are using Protool (as I mentioned, I haven't used the MP270). To remove an alarm message from your program, you need to delete the alarm message from the alarm texts in the program.

However, that won't really solve your problem if you are still triggering the alarm in the PLC. You need to change the PLC program so that it will stop triggering that alarm bit.

If the alarm acknowledge button on the MP270 works the same as on the other Siemens OPs, then it acknowledges the current alarm. You can acknowledge entire groups of alarms by putting them in the same alarm group in the OP program (using the Protool software). The acknowledge button turns on the alarm acknowledge bits in the PLC (in the alarm acknowledge words) which correspond to the alarms which were acknowledged. What happens to those flags next is up to you.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada