S7-315 DP to SST 5136-PFB-ISA


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Tony Chapman

We have an existing application with an S7-315 as a DP master transferring data to the SST 5136-PFB-ISA which is configured as a DP slave. We have upgraded the S7 PLC from the version 6ES7315-2AF02 to 6ES7315-2AF03 and can no longer
establish communications. Other slaves on the network still work OK. The diagnostics on the S7 show that the configured slave does not match the actual slave. The diagnostics in the SST show that the SST card is waiting for configuration data. The GSE file supplied by SST does not have configuration data enabled.

Martyn Sudworth

A bit obvious perhaps but you did change the CPU in the offline hardware configuration and reload into the PLC didn't you? We had a similar
problem caused by not doing this. The version numbers of all cards (but especially the CPU) are vital for ensuring comms work OK.