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Is there any application or standard code through siemens that can monitor the ethernet comms on each side (or each individual PLC) to check that ehternet signal is functioning correctly. I was thinking of putting in a "Heartbeat" and checking for the returning siganl (i.e. to verify that the ethernet line is okay)with a timer hence if the signal does not change after approx. 3 seconds have each PLC go to a safe mode (close valves, stop pumps, etc) But was wondering if anyone has an alternative idea or something exists currently from siemens that could be "plug and run"-pharmaceutical application, and I am just trying to avoid the mountain of validation paperwork.

Per André Horpen


Ethernet transcievers for Hirschmann has an output for fault indication. This means, that if i.e. the Link state on the connection falls, you will get a signal from the transcievers that you can put into an input on you PLC.

I don't know if this is the kind of solution you were looking for, but it will definately work!

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