S7 400 and S5 Communication with OPC via CP1613

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M. Asif Manzoor

Can CP1613 card be used to get data at the same time from:

1 - Siemens S7 400 PLC using CP1613 Card's Ethernet Port

2 - Siemens S5 PLC using CP13 Card's serial port (H1 Cable)

I have setup successful communication between OPC Server and S5 PLCs (SINEC H1 Network) as well as S7 PLCs using CP1613 Card. I can read S5 and S7 data in my OPC Cients when only one either S7 or S5 is connected to CP1613. Whenever i plug in S7 Ethernet cable in cp1613 card's ethernet port, OPC Server drops S5 connections.

I will appreciate if some one could please tell whether it is CP1613 card not allowing communication with S5 and S7 PLCs at the same time or it could be configuration problem.


Gabriele Corrieri


If I understand right you have connected S7400 to RJ45 port and S5 to DB15 port of CP1613, right?

I've not enough time to read the docs on siemens a&d knowledge base, but as any ethernet card as this with more than one medium: twisted pair (RJ45) AUI (DB15) COAX (DB15) only one medium at time can be active: in some card the selection was done with specific software, in this one I think that the first medium that's go 'UP' was selected for comms, and exclude the other medium.

Solutions? I've thinked two ideas: A) buying another CP1613 card, read before the manual if two cards can be mounted in the same device, B) easy, cheap and much more than idiot: buy an ethernet media converter from AUI to RJ45 (on ebay the devices from allied telesyn are very cheap) and an ethernet switch: connect CP1613 and S7400 to switch, and S5 with media converter to switch.

Please report if I've thinked good and my solution works.


Gabriele Corrieri

M. Asif Manzoor

Thanks a lot for your time and advice. I have gone through the documentation and it describes as you said that only one port can be utilized at a time. So we are left with two options,

1 . Do an experiment as you suggested in point # 2 (I am going to test if it works).

2. Use another CP1613 card. Just to share information with others that CP 1613 card must be installed on Master PCI slot. so i guess CP1613 CAN BE installed on s single machine as far as if there are available two Master PCI slots.

Work is in progress and I will definitely share experiences here.

Thanks again.
M. Asif Manzoor