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Salai Kuberan E S, Manager/C&I

Does Siemens S7 300/400 PLC need CP341 communication processor to communicate with SIPART single/Multi loop controllers. If yes, what are the requirements to be met to make them talk ? If no, what is the alternative ? TIA Salai

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Dear Salai, The SIPART controllers have an option for two types of communication: 1) Serial Interface Module (RS232/RS485) 2) Profibus-DP interface Module For the option 1: you would need CP341 (or CP340) in S7-300 and CP440 (or CP441). They provide the serial port. With the CP340, you can have upto 32 nodes (ie upto that many SIPART controllers). For the option 2: you would need CP342-5(or CP343-5) for the S7-300 and CP443-5 (basic and extended) for the S7-400. Also, you would need function blocks for the S7 PLC (used in CPU). You can check out the order numbers and details from the local SIEMENS vendors. If need further help, drop me an email. Shahid