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Robert A. Paul

Dear Listers,
I have a problem in a project of heat treatment furnace. I am using eleven S7 PID Controlers (standard). Each PID controler has an interface
DB in which the residual-time-slice appears as a double data word in the S7-time format. I have to display the S7-time on the WinCC but the
problem is that the WinCC tag format doesn't support the S7-time format and it has only the S5-time format provision. It displays the time only
if it is in milisecond but not if it is in minute, hour and days. In S7 standard software I haven't seen any conversion function block which
could convert S7-time format into S5-time format.


Robert A. Paul

Murray McKay

Mr. Paul:

The S7 time format is the same as the IEC time format. The conversion functions for IEC <--> S5TIME format are located in the IEC Function Blocks folder of the Step 7 Standard Libaray. S5TI_TIM (FC33) converts S5TIME values to TIME values, and TIM_S5TI (FC40) converts TIME values to S5TIME.

Murray McKay
Sr. Applications Engineer
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

D.C. Pittendrigh

On the Siemens website, there is a section called tips and tricks, a simple search of this section will turn up a great deal of usefull information on the time format and others such as address pointers ( P#??????) type format
These are two areas which I don't work with often so am inclined to forget the details, as a consequence, I keep printouts of these pages in
my briefcase for emergencies.

Donald Pittendrigh

Fredrik Beckman


Check out the standard library in Step7, IEC-function FC40, "convert data type format TIME to the S5TIME format".

This library is included in Step7-program, located as default in
...\Siemens\Step7\S7libs\Stdlibs on you harddisk.

Best regards
Fredrik Beckman