S88- adaptation to continious process control.


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Victor Zaltsman

Recently I've started to use PFS (Process Functional Specification) software packages (from SpecSoft) for computerized SOO (Sequence of Operation) integration with P&ID + PLC I/O definitions & wiring. This package is based on S-88 process model. I have some difficulties to define continious control systems in terms of S-88. Actually I'm need some kind of "light-weighted" model for both continious and batch processes.
For example, according to S-88 there is procedural control model (see S88, part 1, 5.2.1) which is based on hierarchy of procedures->operations->phases.
But there is no operation or phases in a simple temperature control loop. S-88 has no "control loop" concept. So the perfect S-88 chain- "Procedural control utilizes equipment/control modules with their assosiated basic control to achieve process functionality"- cannot be defined for continious processes.
Since PFS software provides S-88 "objects" (procedures, phases, ...}to deal with process/procedural control definitions, I need somehow to "map" continious process terms (which I didn't succeed to define) to S-88 terms.
Any suggestions ?
There is no problem with S88 and Control Loops. Control Loops are just Control Modules in the physical model. They may be contained in units or equipment modules or even in Control Modules. I would have thought that PFS should be able to handle that.
If you're trying to map the procedure model piece for a continuous process, you really only have a limited amount. There is start-up, normal continuous control, and then shutdown. The unit procedures, operations, and phases within each is what do you instruct your equipment and control modules (i.e, temp control) to do based upon what criteria
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