Sa85 and win 95

Assuming that you have a PC with an ISA Slot else buy the PCI Version or a PC Bus Extension.

1. With the card removed install the WinConX Modbus Plus Driver, all of them and re-start the PC. WinConX V4.2 works very well with Windows95.
2. Insert the card at the default address and interupt and "Add New Hardware" from the Windows95 Control Panel. Ensure that in the Device Mananger of the Control Panel the Memory Address and interupt are as the installed card.
3. Sometimes you may need to change the Memory Address and/or the interupt. If you are proving via MBPSTAT use this command if you have changed the interupt, "MBPSTAT.EXE /S5C", where 5C is the new interupt vector.
4. If you suspect software conflicts then do not start the WinConX driver Automatically, start them Manually and only when you need them and stop them when finished.
5. With respect to the PCMCIA version of this card, we found it better to boot the PC without the card inserted and then insert the card and start the drivers manually. This varied with different PC maques and operating system images.

For years we have use Windows95 and Modbus Plus cards, the only conflicts have Ethernet cards using interupt 5D and virus checking software

Hope this helps.
> I cant install the sa85 000, bus isa, with win 95, What i can do?

Are you using the latest drivers? Schneider has the Modbus Plus Driver Suite
for Win 95/98/NT
P/N 31003011


Chris Kellock

You can use that card under Windows 95. You need to be using the latest Modbus Plus Driver Suite, not the old DOS drivers. SWMXDS001 is the part number for a 1 user copy. This gives you Windows 95/98/NT drivers for the cards. They work fine in Windows 95/98/NT.
With the right drivers loaded, even after you get it started, beware that you might have to change the dip switches on the card to address D8000.

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Roberto Burgos

If you are using DOS drivers when the driver starts and fails to start the driver i will return an error code wich can relate to difrent causes such as memory adress window in conflict , interrupt conflict , or bus not ready in case of using PCMCIA card or PCI and ISA. use the error code in your query, to help you beter and the win 95VERSION

Iresha Somarathan

no i dont have proper driver for Sa 85 card
i want to install proper drivers for Sa 8 compatible with Windows 2000.