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We have been using SA85 in Windows 98 and now we have switched over to Windows XP and found it is not sensing the hardware. The software MBX driver suite has been loaded... but the hardware could not be installed.

Fred Loveless

Are you trying to use the MBPLUS.VXD driver that you used on the 98 box, or have you installed the MBPLUS.SYS driver for the NT and higher OSes? My fist suggestion would be to check with Modicon or CyberLogix to get the most recent driver set.

Fred Loveless
Support Manager
Kepware Technologies
Try setting the Virtual MBX Driver to support 16 bit windows applications.
This will be located in Program Files||WinConX||Virtual MBX Driver||Virtual MBX Driver Configuration (if you have installed the drivers from the disk that comes with the SA85 card).

William Hinton

We had the same issues and we found that we had 2 options:

1) Change back to Win98/ME
2) Replace the SA85 cards to the newer Windows 2000/XP hardware versions. Caution, when buying the new version as some of the older ISA versions will still not work and you may not have a PCI adaptor slot in your motherboard.

I hope this helps,
William Hinton
An other option you have is use a PC with an ISA slot and a network card, install Windows NT and then install your SA85 using MBX Driver and installing all options. You can now configure your NT Worksation as a remote MB+ server, available for any computer on your TCPIP network on wich you install and configure MBX Remote client option. As i know, Windows NT is the only OS that will support both SA85 & Remote MBX Server mode.