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Steven C. Rogers

I'm looking for good texts on the subject safety interlock logic. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Steve Rogers

Kirk S. Hegwood

Possibly "Safety Shutdown Systems: Design, Analysis and Justification" by Gruhn & Cheddie. Can get it through ISA.

Kirk S. Hegwood
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A resource I use is a book called SafeBook published by STI. It's free. Shows pictures and circuits for safety interlocking. They also have a publication called "Machine Guarding and Emergency Stop Systems" which is heavy on circuit design and related standards but not much in the pictorial aspect.

Sid Roberts
Try contacting

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They manufacture hardware for this kind of stuff. They also provide good
booklets on it.


Bryan Weir.

Edward M. Marszal, P.E.

The books listed below are excellent. Also try looking at the Proceedings from ISA technical conferences.

Control System Safety Evaluation and Reliability, W.M. Goble, ISA Press

Safety Shutdown Systems: Design, Analysis and Justification, Paul Gruhn and Harrie Cheddie, ISA Press

Guidelines for Safe Automation of Chemical Processes, American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Although the last book is from a different industry, the bulk of the information in the book is generic to safety systems and would be useful to you.

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