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karthikeyan santhanam

i need to know the websites/manufactures of safety protection devices.

anybody, pl help me.

Michael Griffin

What type of "safety protection devices" are you referring to? That description can cover many different unrelated things. What is the application?

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
Dear Karthikeyan,

What kind of safety protection devices are you looking for? My company (and various competitors) offers a broad range of machine safeguarding products: safety light curtains, interlock switches and safety mats. If you are looking for any of these products, I suggest the websites of:

Banner -
Sick Optic -
Leuze -
Schmersal -
Honeywell -
Allen-Bradley -

There are many more out there, you might also try searching on key words such as "machine safeguarding", "safety light curtains", etc.

Good luck,

Tom Knauer