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Vicente Garcia

We are system integrator and we are considering for one of our customers the use of a saefty systems (Triconex, ICS Triplex, Hima, or S7 F),
and I will like to consider also what otehr users opinions are regarding this type of systems.

I will like to take profit coming from experiences from end users, system integrtors, and is not so importat, but will be welcome
manufacturer opinions.

Tahanks in Advance.
You can ask Haldia Petrochemicals, Haldia, India for more details about ICS Triplex and Triconex safety systems as they are using it.
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Shekhar Dhawan


I just came across your reply and I suppose some sort of miscommunication happened from your End. ICS Triplex has many install bases in India and HPL is just one of them. Recently they extended their base for Fire & Gas system at Dahej (Gujarat) in India. Also they are having a Sales Agent in New Delhi. But it would be wise to contact UK directly or better have a look at their website

I am an ex personnel who has worked for ICS Triplex in India for since 2001 till 2004 and was the point of contatc for ICS triplex thing in India. Alias I have shifted to a different organisation (no not to any of the competitors ;) ).
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