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Rav Panchalingam

Hi Guys,

I'm in need of reading BMS point data out of a Satchwell Sigma system and into my own software. I've heard DDE is supported, however, that technology is quite old and no longer supported by the .Net Framework. Are there any better solutions? Is there a way to read out Sigma via an open protocol such as BACnet? Has anyone developed a DDE application that I can make use of?

Thanks in advance

There are BACNET libraries on Sourceforge. I suggest that you try one of those. Since you'll have source code, you won't need a kludge like DDE to use it.

Rav Panchalingam

Hi thanks, I may need to clarify my question. I don't need any help to read BACnet, in fact I've already written my own stack for that. Rather my problem is how to get values OUT of Sigma and into a recognizable format such as BACnet.

Thanks for the replies.
So far as I can tell, there are just two ways. They sell some integration boxes which have alternative protocols, and they have a software product that does the same thing.

The software product comes in DDE and OPC versions. You need a software bridge that could connect either of those to Bacnet (or Modbus/TCP). If you are looking for something off the shelf, I would suggest looking at what Kepware or Matrikon might have.

As far as I can tell, the Sigma is a closed product that doesn't communicate with anything else except through those bridges. Be prepared to pay through the nose for a solution.
Satchwell has an application ModBuS which a enables the Satchwell Sigma server to act as an OPC Server or as a Modbus slave device. I suggest you check with your nearest Satchwell/TAC office or distributor.