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Gee, Jeffrey

Has anyone ever heard of a communication protocol called SattBus? If so, can you please brief me on this. Is this proprietary? RS-485? Modbus variant? DH+? Fieldbus network? Thanks in advance... Jeffrey R. Gee
Hi Jeff, Sattbus is ABB's Sattcontrol protocol. It was formerly called Alfa Laval Automation. This communication protocol is proprietary. I am not sure if you could buy a protocol converter off ABB Sattcontrol in Sweden. If possible try to convince the other party to use another use another protocol like COMLI or Profibus if you need to communicate with them. if you need further help, let me know. [email protected]

David Bergeron

Sattbus is a protocol used by many ABB control products including Sattline, Sattcon, and Advant Controllers. I don't know if it is proprietary. I don't think it has anything to do with Modbus or DH+.

Andrew Piereder

Sattbus is an Alfa-Laval Automation protocol. It is in fact proprietary. There are a few companies that have IO servers and a protocol converter driver for SST's X-Link (Pantek and Novotek). Sattbus operates over a twisted-pair token ring at 62.5 Kbit or over TCP/IP. It supports a broad range of data types and can support 256 devices in multidrop configuration. Andy Piereder Pinnacle IDC

Timo Hartong

Yes I have as a matter of fact I work(ed) at a dutch company wich uses Sattbus in their own products. If you are interrested I have some litrature and reports available including a datasheet of the CF 70012 chip. (the MODEM/ Driver chip)
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