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Patrick Beckett

Can anyone help me?

I am having trouble getting Dox5 version 4 running on Windows 98 SE or Windows 2000.

The application run, but when looking at the PBS or printing the ladder, only the first rung is accepted. After that the first rung is repeated over and over again for each of the rungs in the project.

I know that project files are correct, as I saw them accessed correctly on the original machine.

I have tried everything I can think of in windows setup. Can anyone enlighten me?

Patrick Beckett

Merlin Systems Limited
Hi Patrick,

Firstly, I am surprised that you managed to run DOX5 on Windows 2000. Traditionally, DOX5 will not run anything that is of Win NT technology
as far as I knows.

Secondly, I did not have any problems using it with Win 98 SE.

What I suggest is that you shut down you PC into the MSDOS mode. Then run DOX5 from there.

Yiew Ming

I think you can use VMware or Virtual PC on the NT/2000/XP platform for DOX5. For my experience, DOX5 is not problem running on the DOS
command on 95/98/98SE.


I've just spent the better half of a day having the same problem with DOX5 and 98SE. I found this posting and tried the suggestions of booting in DOS, which yielded an "error device full" message. Did you ever make it work?

I kept working on running DOX5 and here is what I've come up with -

1) Running DOX5 and an application in a DOS Window under 98SE: PBS mode doing a "l" list of the program got me a "FCB unavailable" error after the first code network--
2) Running DOX5 in DOS mode got me an "error device full" after entering the project name--

3) Success came only after running DOX5 and the application from the A: drive, in DOS mode

Why? I couldn't tell you- but it got me through the assignment-

Let me know what you find out

[email protected]

Patrick Beckett

Sadly, I did not. I am luckly enough to have an old 486 B&W laptop with DOS version 6.22 still installed. This works a treat. I have not had the
luxury to the time available to continue tweaking win98SE to try anything else.

If I do have any success I will let the group know, but don't hold your breath!


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