Saturated Water in Oil Sensors?


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Mark Hill

Greetings all;

For those having experience with Vaisala and Pall and???? "Water in Oil" sensors, can you please explain what happens once their devices reach the water/oil saturation point?

I've tried asking the manufacturers, but they avoid the topic.

Mark Hill

I am unfamiliar with sensors by either Vaisala or Pall for oil concentration monitors but such devices are relatively common in oil production fields and at points of oil custody transfer. They are generally RF type capacitance probes that recover from overrange without any human intervention once the process conditions change back to values within range.

Sathorn Samsek

I would recommend you purchase an oil sampling kit and do onsite tests or bring samples to a lab. This is the common practice although it may seem very old fashioned it is still the way that things are done.

I live in Thailand, we have recently purchased an online probe from Matco which seems to work quite well on a gear oil application where no monitoring existed. We have had problems with (too much water in the oil)
I am not familiar with the companies that you mentioned but have experience with aluminium oxide moisture sensors for natural gas which I believe uses a similar technique. We have to design sample conditioning systems to prevent the probes from short circuiting. There are alot of companies willing to design these systems and a search on the internet will probably bring up a dozen or so. I am not sure if this applies to oil but it is worth a try

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