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Hi all,

I would like to contact Saunders Valve Company Limited for some spare parts, but they seem to be merged with or acquired by Alfa Laval. Unfortunately, the regional representative of Alfa Laval did not handle my request. Please
help me the contact info. Thanks.


Hung Lam
Dear Hung Lam,

Saunders valves used to be a part of Alfa Laval, however, now they are sold off to Crane Valves of USA. You can still trace them through the internet, just search for 'saunders valves' and it will lead you to their headoffice in UK.


Dear Mr. Lam:

I can provide replacement diaphragms (PTFE/EPDm and EPDM) for the Saunders diaphragm valves. Please e-mail me back, and I will give you the details.

Chris Rhodes

Mr Lam
Please contact Gebruder Kemper GmbH + Co.KG or call the UK representative on 0044(0)1684 299790 for your valve enquiries.

Jean-Guy Beaulieu


My name is Jean-Guy Beaulieu and I am the buyer for the Municipality of St-Adolphe d'Howard in the province of Quebec, Canada. I am looking for a diaphragm for a 4" Weir type Saunders diaphragm valve.

The information that can be read on the old diaphragm is the following:

Size C
Saunders UK No 306

The diaphragm measures roughly 10" outside diameter, with 12 holes punched all around and also a hole in the center.

I would appreciate if you could give me the name of a Canadian distributor, preferably in the Province of Quebec, if possible.

Thank you.

My phone number: 1-819-327-2244
My fax number: 1-819-327-3979
Dear Hung Lam,
We have been selling Saunders valves and spares to our various Clients. Saunders have a manufacturing facility here in India. Kindly send me your detailed enquiry to enable me to help you better.
Best Regards,
N Unni ([email protected])

Munaf Mohamed

Dear Mr. Jason,

We can provide you with Saunders Spare Diaphraghms (PTFE with EPDM Backup & EPDM). Kindly revert back with your sizes so that i can offer.

Munaf Mohamed
[email protected]