sauter ey2400 case software


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does anyone have experience with this software, can it be bought, i have used siemens plc`s before and it looks similar, can anybody help me please


Sauter SCADA package works only with the proprietary EY2400 DDCs of sauter. You can of course develop your own drivers for the purpose and splice in to the bus, but it all depends on what you wish to do. The DDCs are more HVAC oriented and the EY2400 package control is meant for these applications pre-dominantly. Should you need any further info. do ask! I have quite some experience with this software.

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Sauter hardware / softare system EY2400/FUPLAN is completelly different at Siemens PLC. Sauter softare is oriented to control HVAC system, with a set of function blocks and logical functions. The conection between block is done using move instruction at each Substation. In the other hand Siemens use standard lenguage ( ladder logic, statrement list and block diagram) to program it. On real time troubleshoting, Siemens provide the Visualittation Blocks ( a list of signal that you want to chaeck), Sauter you must send a Telegrama to get the statuas of your signals (wich is more dificult). Regard Juan