Saving Energery while Increasing Power Factor


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I am working as an electrical technician in a power plant. Currently doing top up for degree in electrical engineering. I am thinking for decreasing the cost of energy that we use (such as lighting, air con, extraction fans..etc) every auxiliary power consumption internally as my industrial project.

we are producing 0.95 as power factor on grip. on our auxiliary consumption it drop to 0.747. if any body can help me.
How does this happen?
How can i increase the power factor?
How energy is save?

Dear all,

You mean that the power factor in the auxiliary equipment dropped to 0.747?

In the auxiliary equipments the PF dropped due to high consumption of reactive power VAR.

Please give me more details about the auxiliary equipments and about the Transformers specifications and secondary power factor and also the power production and consumptions (Active power and reactive power).