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Mahesh Hadwani

I want to biuld my SCADA & DCS Knowledge. So please send me its detail Manual for growing my knowledge.
Dear Mahesh,

You can take some course from SITEK - Mumbai who offer training courses on PLC / SCADA / Industrial networks programming. Else you can also get relevant info on the desired platform you want to work with from them.

Contact them: [email protected]


Sajid Ali Khan

Dear Mahesh,
Knowledge cannot be dispensed in the form of a step by step manual, the same is true for this specific issue.

You have to define your goals, and the achievemnent methodology. You have to decide what sort of knowledge are you aiming at. Control Systems knowledge is quite ardous and needs continous updation due to the highly dynamic nature of the underlying Technology.

From your question it appears you are in Control Systems Maintenance area.
You need to decide
a) Are you going to excel in the same field or b) You want to progress to Design and Engineering from an end user perspective or c) You intend to pursue a career with a Vendor company for both and b, or a sales job.
The above and some other paths have quite different approaches and requisite skills.

As already suggested, the first thing you should do is take an Introductory course in DCS and build up your knowledge in a progressive manner. At the same time you set up your future objectives.

Otherwise the chances are that you may "grow" on the position/s in your companny and the future jobs you may switch. Such factors are likely to carve your growth instead of you yourself taking the lead.