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How do we connect SCADA and MES? Please help me, it's urgent.

madhavpeela at gmail. com
You need to be less vague, what scada?, what mes? and what do you want to do. I guess both are connected to the same plc(s) and probably all ready share the same data.


Nathan Boeger

This isn't the kind of thing you want to be "urgent" - "well planned" should be what you're going for.

The answer depends on the packages and what you're trying to do. Typical common denominators are:

1. SQL databases
2. Common communication protocols (proprietary or open)
3. Custom code or data bridges

Nathan Boeger

>How do we connect SCADA and MES? Please
>help me, it's urgent.
>madhavpeela at gmail. com

Fred Loveless

There are at least 20 different methods that I have seen to accomplish this. They range from pre-configured packages to an assembly of off the shelf products and proprietary code. It all depends on your resources both monetary and personnel. For any of us here to give you more advice then this you will need to let us know what SCADA, Data Storage, and MES software you are looking at.

At a minimum what SCADA are you using.

Fred Loveless
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The bits and bytes of the connection, OPC or whatever are a minor issue.
The real issue is about the meaning of the information that you want to flow between your SCADA and your MES and why you want to do it.

First what is the scope of the MES - what functionality does it handle?
I suggest that you look into the ISA95 standard.


I am interested in building example application that handles connectivity ERP->MES->SCADA. For example, data from ERP system about production that needs to be done is taken to MES system, which passes this data to SCADA. Could anybody propose some software to manage that? I know there is some Wonderware software like: InTruck, InTouch and Operation Software but I don't know about license availability. Thanks all for reply!
Hi Madhav,

The best way to connect SCADA to MES Systems is over OPC Server. Expose your SCADA Tags as OPC tags and configure them in MES to pull them.