SCADA interface programming


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i have to perform SCADA interface using visual basic. I have to show my process which is controlled by a PLC on a screen using Visual Basic. Please can anybody help me how to do the tagging using vb, and where can i obtain the required tutorials?
I suggest you should use OPC to communicate with the PLC. Most PLC vendors have OPC server software available for their PLCs. Then use the OPC Foundation Automation interface to write a VB OPC Client.

The alternative (probably easier) would be to buy an ActiveX driver for your PLC (Search Google for "ActiveX" and your PLC brand). Also search for "SoftwareToolBox".

You can do most of the screen stuff and data logging with the tools that are supplied with VB. There are loads of tutorials and help on the internet for VB or .NET (the latest VB version).

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I'm looking for a University/College that offer SCADA and related courses, can anybody please help me.