SCADA on Linux?


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Is there any SCADA available which works on Linux operating system? Sujith Ambekar Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Curt Wuollet

Try searching for VisPro and AutomationX . There are others as well that I don't recall the names for. Regards cww
Check out pcs from siemens in Johnson City, Tn. Its technically not a scada, more of a dcs. It used to be on sco unix now its on linux. It was formerly known as tistar. It might be what you want. It might now be called osx or something like that.
May I humbly add Vsystem from us to the list of SCADA packages that run on Linux? We may not be the right choice for all applications but when the scale is large and/or the rates are high then are fit as we do when other platforms have to be part of the system. Peter Peter Clout Vista Control Systems, Inc. 176 Central Park Square Los Alamos, NM 87544-4031 (505) 662-2484 FAX (505) 662-3956 [email protected]

Blunier, Mark

I haven't used the Linux version, but I did use the SCO version about 5 years ago. I considered it to not be a DCS, but rather an MMI. I thought it was rather buggy and hard to use, but after using other MMIs on an OS with more marketshare, with other brands of PLCs, it looks a whole lot better. Mark Blunier Any opinions expressed in this message are not necessarily those of the company.
We are now developing a fulle-fledged SCADA on linux. We are an organisation having wide expertise on process control related software development based at Trivandrum, India. If you are interested please contact me at [email protected] for more details