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I am interested in finding distributors or manufacturers that sell low cost control systems for public water and dirty water plants
I work in a plant of public water in Argentina. If you need information for develop an architecture or a control system for the plant, I can help you. Just tell me the structure of your system and "what you want to do?"
I made many system reported by telemetry, with wireless communication or by phone lines.
Contact Micon in Houston (Texas)
Highest reliability, redundancy, from low to high control strategy....and good school too !

Call SanWal Tech in Buffalo,ny 716-693-7220
They have small RTU/Radio units, Pump Station Controllers and Total Plant control packages, for the WTP and WWTPs applications.

Juan Carlos Nieves


I need your help in scada and DDC topics for a project in the Carabobo University in Valencia, Venezuela.


Juan Carlos Nieves

> Depending on the depth of control there are many companies that can provide you with a low cost control scheme. You can even further reduce the price with you own involvement. Many of the graphical packages are very easy to use to help you design data screens. The control software available make alot of the function easy to do. Check out or>