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Dear Friends,

First I should say I am new or beginner to SCADA trying to enter in this field with background in telecom engineering.

During recent two months, I studied some documents in this field including books, catalogs, selection guides (especially Rockwell automation) and etc.I also has some basic information about PLCs, programming methods and …


As I have not any recommender in this field as well as no work experience, I still don’t know exactly what instruments or parts are included in a real SCADA project. I think everything I found is just basic knowledge and pure theory and no-trustable.

Anyway, does anyone have a simple technical proposal for a special project in this field? I just need to know for example in a controlled water pump station, how sensors are connected to RTUs? What is selected as RTU, HMI, Master station, software and …. And how they are connected. Not in details, just as conceptual plan is enough.

Also any of your recommendation in case of training sources is much appreciated. As I am in Iran, there is no access to many of training courses as you know :)

Sorry for too long message :)

Looking forward to hearing from you…


Sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and buy the book and you find out it pays for itself 20x over again.

I'd recommend "Practical SCADA for Industry" by David Bailey and Edwin Wright.

It answers the questions you're asking.
Hello Ikhtiander!

Thanks. Links are very useful to me specially link related to Standard Scada system for Kent Water Treatment Stations. In case of Training courses , unfortunately I can't participate because I am in Iran and you know that....