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i'm new to scada. in one industries they use scada system. what software language does it require for scada??

James Ingraham

SCADA encompasses a large number of providers and technologies. There is no one language that SCADA uses. For the most part, SCADA packages use a proprietary syntax and API that is wholly internal to the application. They then allow scripting, often through VBScript. Many support ActiveX controls. Sometimes you can directly call native code through a dll. Virtually all SCADA packages are now Windows based. (Especially since Foxboro / Invensys abandoned Sun.) There are exceptions, of course. Ignition (by Inductive automation) is Java-based and is therefore platform independent, and uses Python as its scripting language. (I am unaware of any other SCADA package that uses Python.)

There are a handful of SCADA packages that allow free trials. This includes the afore-mentioned Ignition, (borderline between HMI and SCADA), and Iconics. You could download one of these and check it out.

Good Luck.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.