SCADA System through Power Line Communication

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Adi Purnomo Sopamena

Dear All,

Is there anybody can give me information about a product which is related the above subject ? Actually what we have been trying to implement is meanwhile we are able to use a radio link
communication to get a point and signal from well or beam pump belong to a separate area. In case of oil & gas company we should also considerate to get those signals through Power Line particular
in Low Voltage Technology to be more cost effective. The range of voltage is around 240 - 960 Volts. Thanks

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Kirby, Brendan

There is a company called QEI in NJ (USA) that has a line called Power Line Carrier. I think they purchased the technology from Westinghouse. Give them a try, I don't know their web site but have seen references to them on web. Their phone number is 973-379-7400.
Good luck brendan
Take a look at Echelon's LonWorks technology.
( Specifically Echelon makes a powerline transceiver, PLT-22, that is capable of transmitting data over any AC/DC or unpowered wire. Data sheets can be found on our web site. Additionally, you can find on our web site a third party catalog that lists the devices available from various companies around the world that have LonWorks based products.

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Darold Woodward

For "low voltage" applications, Data-Linc Group had some industrial power line carrier. I haven't used that particular product though.

While there are some companies still making Power Line Carrier equipment for utilities and many utilities still using it, most new applications are either wireless, fiber-optic, or telephone network (analog, digital, etc) based. Utility type power line carrier typically at low bps rates (300 bps) and prone to problems with the
equipment that taps into high voltage equipment.

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There are a few companies out there that do power line systems. You must consider the distribution of your power, if you have transformers, drives, Power supplies etc in the system , the signal
may not get through. It works best under a single transformer and a simple distribution system We have done it successfully, but also have the scar tissue to prove it.

Mark Massa

Joe Alvoeiro

Hi All,

You could have a look at Domosys Corporation in Quebec, Canada. Power line communication really is their main focus and they just developed a new chip that is very flexible. Their URL is

Good Luck!

Joe Alvoeiro