SCADA Systems Suppliers in China and South Korea


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May anybody tell me the top 5 SCADA SYSTEMS suppliers (software and RTUs) in China and South Korea.

James Ingraham

It appears that no one will answer the question. The answer is more difficult to obtain than you might think. Industry reports of such things often costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, so people generally aren't willing to share the numbers. For example, here's a report from ARC Advisory Group that might be relevant.

Asia is included, but apparently not in PDF format. I don't know the cost of this report. And it's only about oil and gas, which is fine as far as it goes but doesn't cover everything. And that's just SCADA, maybe you also need their report on DCS market share to see about the RTUs.

It is entirely possible that there is an article out there somewhere with a summary that might be useful to you. A quick search didn't get me anywhere, but it might help if you use a China- or South Korea- specific search engine.

I'd certainly be interested in knowing what you find out, if anything. Assuming you are free to share the information.

-James Ingraham
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Thanks James and appreciate your reply.

Actually myself and some friends are establishing a new company in my country Egypt, and we have enough good experience in SCADA systems specially for utilities applications such as power DMS/EMS WMS and GMS.
We have lot of projects we want to participate by a competitive offer, and we are seeking for a partner. We believe that partner if being from China or Korea, it will be price effective addition to a good and accepted quality of the products.

Thanks again.
Mohamed Fouda