SCADA with FreeWave transceivers


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Ravi Kadiyala

Our supervisor was fascinated by the new Wireless transceivers and, got a super deal on the price.. Now we have two FreeWave transceivers with an assumption of implying peer-to-peer messaging over DF1. We are using two ControlLogix 5550 controllers with Devicenet, ControlNet, Ethernet and DH+/RIO cards installed in them. We have been doing some research on how to use peer-to-peer messaging over DF1 but, haven’t found a lead yet. I have been looking at other options like, using protocol switchers e.g. DeviceNet to Serial (RS-232), Modbus to serial etc..

My questions are:
1)Is it possible to use peer-to-peer messaging over DF1 (the serial port on the controller) or is the port used for programming the controller and using master/slave polling?
2)Has any one used Protocol Switcher e.g. converted ControlNet to serial and transmitted in serial?

Smith, James

I have used Freewave transceiver to communicate DF1 from the serial port many many times and works very well.

Yes I have used converters and they also work.

If you need any help please email me and I will be glade to help you.

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