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Bostjan Bobnar

Hi there, I am doing my Degree about SCADA systems ( Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition ) and i would like to know how can I get information ( books, articles, papers or any contacts ) on the following topics: - The history of SCADA - SCADA Control ( defined in detail) - SCADA in the Process Control Environment - Why SCADA is so important in Factory Automation - The Benefits of SCADA for industry - The Architectures of Scada Control - The Domains of Scada Control - Comparing between different SCADA systems - Scada Control Software on the Market - The Future of Scada in the Process Control and Factory Automation environments Please help me !!! Bostjan Bobnar Slovenia

Kim L. Ground

I think that you can get a lot of this information by carefully sifting the (no cost) literature provided by manufacturers of SCADA systems as part of their sales literature. To major companies doing SCADA stuff in the US are Intellution (sells software systems specifically designed for SCADA applications) and Motorola (has provided radio modems for many projects and may have had more complete involvement in other projects). The problem with Motorola is that they are so big that, unless you know who you want to talk to, it is sometimes hard to get to the right division of the company. I haven't done SCADA in a few years, so I don't have any current personal contacts to give you. I assume that you have tried a web search for 'SCADA' -- you might want to contact any system integrators or manufacturers you find that way.

Amjad Bougis

I'll mention to you one good use for SCADA.

We heavily use SCADA to control off-shore oil wells platforms, where we have so many of them. It saves us money on manpower & time used for operating these platforms.


Amjad Bougis
Saudi Aramco
So, did you get what you want? cause right now, i'm doing the same thing as you did. I'm working on my Degree on SCADA System, and I have just the same question as you did. Well. feel free to share your knowledge with me Thanks alot. Hanieful. Indonesia
hello i am in the same situation and as of yet cannot find any relevant information. Please contact me Sean