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Mark Ray

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Can anyone tell me what are the requirements to certify a scale for legal trade. My company is in the state of Florida and sells citrus juice / concentrate. We have many scales, some for barrels and 5 for tankers trucks. We want to certify our own scales as much as possible. I am trying to research how to comply with the legal requirements. Cheers, Mark Ray
I work for a scale company in Australia. The requirements for certification of a scale for trade use over here is generally for 0 to 500 divisions half a division error is allowed, 500 to 1500 div is allowed and 1.5 divs for the rest of the range. All certified scales must be NSC (National Standards Comminssion) approved (these will have an approval number on the scale namplate) and can only be certified by an employee of a licensed scale company of the Trade and Measurement Union and the individual employee must be licensed to certify up to the capacity of the scale to be certified.