Scan list configuration disabled in RSnetworx


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Scan list configuration option found disabled when right click on a device in RSNetworx controlnet software. Does it enable in online only or does it need some extra tools to be downloaded?
The scan list option is disabled if u are already online and edits are not enabled. The same can be modified offline and then downloaded.

Eddie Willers

The Scanlist Configurator Tool (SCT) can only be launched for PLC-5C15 controllers and 1747-SCNR scanners, or for 3rd party devices that support it (some SST interfaces).

It will be grayed out for any adapter-class device, and for ControlLogix bridge modules. ControlLogix connections are configured in RSLogix 5000, not in RSNetworx.

If you were right-clicking on a PLC-5C15 and still got the SCT option grayed out, then you have a problem with your software install.