Scanner communication to a PLC long distance


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I want to communicate some hand held scanners. These scanners have a 9pin female conector and a RS232 output. But I have to connect to a PLC which one is located 600ft distance. I have to buy the RS232 to RS485 converter but I'm not sure which one to choose (duplex, asyncronous, stand alone, etc).

Crucius, Wesley

what you really want is RS-422, not RS-485. RS-422 is a differential signal and can go several times that distance. Converters will run <$100 each, one at each end of the cable. No software or driver changes will be required. You must have full duplex units to avoid sw/driver impact. The devices I have used successfully in the past are about the size of the larger gender changers, with a seperate wall-wart power pack. If you need more help, contact me at [email protected] Wes
i am installing a system next week using RS-232 extended distance cable from It is good for 200+feet (if my memory is corrct). They say it will work just fine, it is patented and they are the only ones who have it.