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Scott Barrett

I have an assembly cell with 5 SLC 5/05 processors
communicating with ethernet. What I want to do is use my local programming terminal (WinNT) to schedule a backup process to run. What I would prefer is to automatically run L500, connect to
each processor and transfer the program to a folder on the hard drive. I can do this with my robots and FTP, but have not found a way to do this with the SCLs yet. Anyone have any suggestions?
Hello Scott,

There are a couple of ways you could approach this. An inexpensive route that will do what you want to do and An more expensive route that will
accomplish your goal and provide many other potential capabilities.

The inexpensive route is to use the Microsoft VBscript or Jscript engine or some other Macro Script engine and have the script engine simulate
keystrokes and mouseclicks in the RSLogix-500 software. Once you get the script working you can the use the NT task scheduler to run the script when you want it run.

The more expensive route is to buy a version management software package. Potential choices are MASS from MDT, RSGuardian from Rockwell, and FXManager from TCP. All of these packages would provide as one of their many features the ability to schedule processor uploads. These version management packages also provide many other useful features that you could take advantage of.

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