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I've stumbled into a quagmire of an old T.I. SoftShop program, attempting to talk to an old Simatic 545 processor. It is asking for a parallel port device no-one in my world seems to remember where it was left. The hardware and software is about 6 to 11 years old, so I was hoping some of you experts might know this one.

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curt wuollet

You might check if the 545 is one of the Koyo PLCs that you can support with Automation Direct software. I replaced an old Simatic with an Identical AD unit, but I don't remember the numbers. I think I used a low cost programmer to transfer the program. On audio tape! Koyo sold to both TI and Siemens for a while.

I believe the small and medium size TI line were just relabelled Koyo PLCs. The large ones (500 series) however were TI's own design.

Siemens bought TI's PLC division a while ago and continued to sell and support the 500 series. You need to talk to them about this.
I appreciate the suggestions from both of you. I did not know the association with Koyo, of which I have some hardware/software on hand, as well as Automation Direct. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Gilles Allard

The 545 was not from Koyo. Don't loose your time looking at that avenue.

The SoftShop software is still existing. You can probably get a new dongle (license key) from FastTrak Softworks Inc

While my efforts to communicate with the TI 545 were not fruitive, the recurrent "processor type not found" type of message supports your claim. You have at least spared me the waste of an exhaustive effort in doing the impossible. We'll see how helpful FastTrak Softworks may be.

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