Schneider BM85's Application Compiler Alternative

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Raymundo D. Balderas

Hi all Partners.

To implement a application program in a Modicon BM85 Multiplexer it needs a Borland Compiler, in that case the manual states version 3.1, 4.0 or 4.5 may be used. But Currently Borland Does not sell anymore the license (nor the CD Media) for C++ IDE (Just Borland Builder 5.0 or Higher which is not compatible).

I want to know if anyone can help me to solve this problem.

Is there a alternative compatible compiler for use in this kind of equipment? Has anyone been in this problem? Have you use another compiler with success? Have you solved this and tested the solution?

Thanks in advance.

Lynn at Alist

If you go to and find the "museum", you can download various old unsupported Borland products for FREE. This includes Turbo C 2.01 and C++ 1.x. If you understand basic linking issues you should be able to get them to work. I worked with Turbo C 2.01 and C++ 4.0 creating AMD 188 code for about 3 years and there is little difference between them if YOU ARE NOT compiling for a PC+DOS+Windows. The BM85 I believe has 80186 on board.

Also, Borland sells a product called "Turbo C++ Suite" which is a CD with TurboC for Dos v3.0, TurboC++ for Windows v4.5, and C++ Builder 1.0. You can buy it here for $41 - the list is only $59 anyway.

Best Regards
- LynnL,