Schneider-Modicon Series 800 I/O


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Ranjan Acharya

Dear List,

We have a customer who needs some (obsolete) 800 Series I/O. The world is full of re-sellers and so on, does anyone have some names they could
drop of reliable sources of 800 Series I/O? I want to purchase from someone reliable rather than a fly-by-night salesman. On or off-list
replies are both welcome.


Ranjan ([email protected])
We have found Sterling to be a good quality source for obsolete Modicon equipment. The # is 800-280-4602

Frank Prendergast

Schneider Automation offers Repair and Exchange of their I/O direct from the factory. You can call directly and get price and availability.
Then press 2 for Repair and Exchange.

Best regards,
Frank Prendergast
Systems and Programs Manager
Schneider Automation