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I've just come across a short notice in some automation journal mentioning the following patent issue: Schneider Automation seems to own patent 5,038,318 "Device for communicating real time data between a programmable logic controller and a program operating in a central controller". They seem to have tried to auction licenses on the subject and also asked OPC Foundation members to pay license fees. Any more information on this subject? The abstract of the patent is rather odd: "Add- in program instructs operable through a general purpose spreadsheet program in a personal computer to move real-time status and control messages directly between cells in the displayed spreadsheet and addressed registers of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) is disclosed. ..." This would just cover spreadsheets ... Any more information on this "slightly" object of IP?! Regards, Harald -- Harald Albrecht Chair of Process Control Engineering RWTH Aachen University of Technology Turmstrasse 46, D-52064 Aachen, Germany Tel.: +49 241 80-7703, Fax: +49 241 8888-238 _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]