Schneider Triconex NTS GPS Time Server

Hello, I am new to this forum. I am wanting to configure time synchronization between my Triconex MP3101/CM and a Time Machine GPS Time Server. Has anyone done this or anything similar?

MP - 3101
CM - 3201

Do you use Archestra...
If yes did you try to look at the properties , i know that there is way to get GSM time sync..
Here some notes:

one simple way of doing this is using the operating system time synchronization; In your Date & Time Properties box, select the Time Synch tab and type in the node name of your Master Time Keeper; synchronization takes place on a weekly basis Another way of synchronization is using the ArchestrA IDE:1. On the Galaxy menu, point to Configure and then click Time Master. 2. Type the fully-qualified node name in the Time Master Node box. 4. Click OK The node clock you designate serves as the master clock for all timestamping functions. The default synchronization period is one time every 45 minutes until three successful synchronizations occur, and then one time every eight hours afterwards. All WinPlatforms begin synchronizing the time on their node when they are deployed. The time master node can be in another time zone. The time on each IndustrialApplication Server node is consistent for the time zone specified on that node. If a time master or a time client node runs either Windows 2003 Server orWindows XP software, you must install a Microsoft hotfix on that computerbefore this function can work: Operating System HotfixWindows XP WindowsXP-KB823456-x86-ENU.exeWindows 2003 Server WindowsServer2003-KB823456-x86-ENU.exe If your time master computer is a non-Galaxy node (regardless of operatingsystem), you must also change certain Registry keys.
Notice also there are 3rd party products out in the market that allows you to customize your setting and define more than one time keeper in case one was not available (ex: Domain Time II…)

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