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Zheng Yibing

I find if there seems to be some fault in a SCSI device, it is possible that the SCSI device can be identified by the SCSI host card with a high
SCSI ID. But, if you give it a low SCSI ID, the SCSI host card can not find that one.

Is there anybody who has this kind of experience?

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Johan Bengtsson

Well, it could be if it is related to one bit. Ie if one bit of the ID need to be in a certain state. Probably something in the part of the device checking if the message transmitted on the bus is ment for that device or not. (No, you can almost surely not just change that part...)

Never heard of the problem before however.

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Daniel Roberts

Have you checked that the "low" ID you give the device isn't the same as the SCSI adapter ID ?

....just a thought into the wind : )

If it is not a bootable Hard Drive, then giving it a high ID number to make it work will be fine.

Try also checking the channel settings for the lower ID's they may be set differently in the SCSI cards BIOS. ie: Wide Negotiation, Transfer rate, etc.

If you need to talk about this further, than I'd be happy to discuss this by email.


Daniel Roberts
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