sdbbribge401.dll error


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I have in Cimplicity 4.01 created a new project and am at the point that I need to complete an .hmb biuld in GE controls solutions system toolbox. I have made it thru put and gets, but when i try to build I get the error mentioned above.

<i>moderator's note: He means "error loading the dll:sdbbridge401.dll"</i>

I have verified that the file exists in C:\Program Files\GE controls solutions system\toolbox. I am not sure of the path the the toolbox is looking for when building since it does not show path. I really could use some advise on how to correct, since my Cim screens will not connect with an error in .hmb biuld.

Thank you in advance for your support!
I have the same issue byt with Cimplicity 6.1. Did you find out how to resolve it?