Sealevel vs ComputerBoards for I/O Control Under Linux


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Wondering if anyone out there can offer any advice about which of the following two cards would be recommended for Linux I/O control. The two cards in question are? 1. Sealevel PIO-48.PCI 2. ComputerBoards PCI-DIO48H/CTR15 The Sealevel card has Linux driver support (new card, driver not fully tested), the ComputerBoards does not have linux driver support. Any suggestions or advice on which cards to use would be greatly appreciated and would love to be in contact with anyone is using PCI I/O cards under Linux. Cheers David
Chances are that both cards are pretty similar, and either one would work under Linux. I know nothing about Sealevel, but I know the management team at Computer Boards and they're an agressive company who's making a good living in a really tough market. Their products are solid in my experience. They're in for the long term. I'm not affiliated with them in any way.. Rick Daniel Intelligent Instrumentation

Curt Wuollet

Hi Dave, I have tested the Sealevel board and it works. For what I am doing, the ISA boards have been fine. I have not used the PCI version of the DIO48 but have code demonstrating a small PLC type application for the ISA DIO48 and am doing "real" control work with it integrating a Linux vision system into a cell with a robot and NC lathe. The Linux box does on the fly measurements that determine major and minor diameters for the turning operation. Would be interested in what you come up with as the Duopoly has decreed that ISA must go away in order to bilk consumers for all new cards that are PNP :^) compatible. Regards cww

Curt Wuollet

Hi Dave I forgot to add that I am designing a low cost industrial I/O translator for the DIO48 even as we speak. By industrial I mean 50V 500ma. NPN outputs and 5000V optoisolated non polarized inputs to interface with "standard" 24 VDC automation components. See or better yet, subscribe to the LinuxPLC mailing list for updates. Even if you use the PCI card the level translator will work. The alternative racks and SSR's are kinda spendy. I expect the board to be buildable for < $ 100.00, the major cost being the screw terminals. Regards cww