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We have a Larox filter press that uses a continuous piece of cloth (joined at the ends by a metal seam). We need to be able to detect where this metal seam is to be able to stop the cloth so that the metal seam is on the outside of some drive rollers. The filter press is controlled by a Modiocn 984. The filter press recovers solids out of a slurry and the environment is pretty sloppy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Johan Bengtsson

Well, some kind of inductive sensor would probably be able to do the work, especially if you can find someone with high sensitivity.

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I just did this same application for gauze. If the metal seem is quite small, an inductive may not pick it up. We used a capacative sensor from Turck, specifically a BC20-Q20-AP4X2, which worked very well.

If this will not work, you can try a opposed mode fiber optic sensor set up that may have enough power to "burn" through the material, but pick up the metal seem. A Banner D10 model amplifier with a PIT46U fiber optic cable and a pair of L-2 lenses may do the trick. The amplifier can be self teaching while the material is running.


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