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Ernesto Silva

Hi, I'm working for two new cars assembly plants in south america and I need a SCADA system to control them.

I've been "googling" for a while but I haven't found any open source "notorious" alternatives.

Any help is welcome.

Best regards,
Ernesto Silva.

Nathan Boeger

Hate to burst your bubble. Open source is weak in the HMI/SCADA/PLC/Industrial Automation industry. This includes OPC client/servers and drivers of pretty much any kind. Everything's pretty much immature at best.

I would be hesitant to use these projects in their current states to run a production system at your car assembly plant.

Nathan Boeger, MCSE
"Design Simplicity Cures Engineered Complexity"

Nathan Boeger

I believe I am up to date. We've had this conversation several times on this forum - I gave you guys credit as being the most developed open source HMI/SCADA system by a wide margin. I'd be happy to see users whose requirements are satisfied with your software, however, you'd be hard pressed to convince anyone that pvbrowser is anywhere near the development state of any of the major commercial vendors. I'm talking about a package that's easy to install, configure, and get going. They all have solid documentation, tutorials, and online help communities to get you started.

Are you guys working on an OPC-UA implementation? Who are your major end users?

Nathan Boeger
"Design Simplicity Cures Engineered Complexity"
>I'm talking about a
>package that's easy to install,
>configure, and get going. <

Now we have a install-pvbrowser.exe created with
In order to install MinGW and Qt4 development tools like Qt Designer get and install
During installation of Qt you are asked if you want to install MinGW also.

For Linux you can use the RPM packages from

>They all have solid documentation, tutorials,
>and online help communities to get you
>started. <

We have
and more.
You are invited to contribute more.

>Are you guys working on an OPC-UA
>implementation? <

Yes. And we have a "data aquisition template" for integrating any other protocol (through shared memory and mailbox).

>Who are your major end users? <

The commercial users normally do not show up on our web page. pvbrowser is used within steel plants all over the world, since we are closely working with a leading steel and metallurgical machinery manufacturer here in Germany. Another field is within plant automation.
They make their solutions "open source" to their customers but not to the public.

I can't tell you exactly where pvbrowser is used under GPL conditions.