Searching for Inertia Constant for GE GT Model-PG6581B


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Neeraj Chaudhary

I am searching for GE Gas Turbine Inertia constant for Model-PE6581B. Can any one please help me knowing the value? Can I get this value from GT control constant parameters?
This isn't a number that GE generally shares, or publishes. I have seen some generator rotor inertia values shown on generator data sheets, but I've not seen the turbine (and axial compressor) rotor inertia values on any documentation.

Many years a gentleman by the name of William (Bill) Rowan (sp?) wrote a paper for ASME IGTI about modeling gas turbines that I believe is still widely used today. I think there were some typical values for some of the smaller GE-design heavy duty gas turbines in that paper or referenced in that paper. I'm sure I've run across it doing Internet searches; try using your preferred Internet search engine and see if you can get any information from that, or related, documents.

The other thing is to ask GE. I'm told the Belfort, FR, personnel will provide information like this--if you can find the right person or persons to ask.

Hope this helps!
Dear CSA,

It's from the same reference as you mentioned 'Rowan1983-Simplified Model for Heavy Duty GE gas turbine'. I could get this information through one of my friend who have access to IEEE standards library. I again thank you for your help.