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I'm 19 years old and i have 3 siemens s5 95U and the current loop converter cable but I don't have any programming software. I want to program the plc but it will be a sort of game, that's why i would prefer a free software Can someone help me????


Hakan Ozevin

Dear Jerome,
I really couldnot understand how you have 3 S5-95U's and the cable (those make about 2500 USD) but not the software. How did you find them? If you are working in a company, your company may pay for the software (it is less than 400 USD).
If you are in the university, they can have it free. I am working with Siemens PLC's for more than 14 years, but I don't personally have a 90U even. I couldnt understand your intention to "play" with those PLC's, either. How do you plan to play with them? If you want to play with a PLC, try S7-200, not out-of-date S5. S5's are not for playing, but to fight with. I have doubts about you (and you are being 19 y.o.). You may be someone trying to find illegal software cos you need it. I hope I am wrong, but I have to warn
the moderator and the list that some may use this successful, innocent website as an arena to find illegal/unregistered software for their interests.

I will be pleased to come to be wrong.